Workshops & Exhibits

We’ve shared our practice through exhibition and even more by inviting audience to participate to our workshops. 
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Jérémy and Marie

Colorwood Workshop

Workshop organised during 2018 Helsinki Design Week at Lento Art Space

To experiment with the Capillary action principle as a method of dyeing pine wood

Tdrop at Helsinki Design Week

To celebrate the launch of the second series of Tdrop side tables, produced in Finland, We presented the first prototype and design method at 2018 Helsinki Design Week

Workshops and exhibits

September 2022 Workshop in Marseille History Museum as part of “L’objet de rencontre” exhibit

September 2018 Colorwood workshop
September 2018 Helsinki Design week

Jérémy and Marie


Jeremy and Marie edit a first series of the Saddle bar stool after the successful Ulule crowdfunding campaign Saddle 100% Made in Provence.
The stools are made together with ACC carpenters, Sun Métal metalsmith & Manon Dellanoce seamstress, all located around Saint-Paul-de-Vence

Jeremy and Marie’s website is developed with Douglas Locklin. It features the first two objects Tdrop and Saddle together with limited editions made from saved and collected materials.


Jérémy and Marie initiate a research with the ceramist and artist Anne Larouzé on haptic and resonant properties of clay.

It’s also the opportunity to create a method to invite craftspeople in the design process with the use of design games, mind mapping and rapid experiments.


Jérémy and Marie design a stool requested by a couple of friends, happy owners of a Tdrop table

Following the research initiated for the Tdrop table, they use wood battens to ensure the general structure, metal to hold the wood in place and straps of leather to provide a dynamic seating. The Saddle bar stool –  named after the seating shape and function – is born !

They also decide to settle their studio in Saint-Paul-de-Vence, where both have family ties.


A second series of Tdrop table was produced in Finland together with carpenter Jarno Nikander. In this series, the wooden pieces were made from finnish birch.

The table was exhibited at the Helsinki Design Week. Marie and Jeremy also hosted a workshop on colouring wood.


In 2017 they created the Tdrop table.

The table is named after its similarity to the shape of the letter T and the dropping movement that allows the articulated object to take shape and function.

They edited and sold a first series of 10 models produced together with carpenter Guillaume Gouarin with the help of Atelier Barbier. 

Tables top were made from french beech wood and indigo coloured plywood.
Feet were made from steel and Vegetable tanned leather

purple table and hand rotated 90 degrees counter


Initially a prototype of made in the workshops of ENSCI Les Ateliers design school (Paris) gave students Marie and Jeremy the opportunity to articulate their interests into a fruitful dialogue. Marie approched the

It’s in the workshops of ENSCI Les Ateliers, the design school in Bastille ( Paris) that Marie and Jérémy started to articulate their interests together. Marie’s eye on ingenuity and passion for sounds combined to Jérémy taste for material development and movement led the duo to create projects and prototype for various school assignments.