Unfold lamp -spray painted

This lamp is a one-of-a-kind modele.

The Unfold lamp hides a colourful story that is revealed once you turn it on !
This modele has a multicoloured spray painted outer layer that interplay with the printed pattern inside.

With its micro-architectural shape, the lamp brings a warm presence to the home.
The Japanese bamboo paper is printed on its back with a pattern that invites into an imaginary landscape.
The “Fragment” multicoloured pattern is inspired by Jacques Villeglé’s torn posters.
The electrical cord is woven by a small Italian familial manufacturer.
The wood veneer is enhanced with ink coloring.

Unfold lamp -spray painted

Unfold lamp -spray painted


Droplets of paint sprayed on the folds to make them vibrate with colors

Plywood base and lid in lagoon green
Japanese paper printed with multicoloured pattern
Use the handle to manipulate
Lightbulb accessible under the base


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